C. Diff Treatment For Adults with Recurrent Infections

In a recent study, participants with recurrent C. diff who received CP101 after completing a round of antibiotics were significantly less likely to experience another episode of C. diff, compared to participants who received antibiotics alone. In the study, 74.5% of participants who received CP101 achieved a clinical cure, meaning they did not experience a recurrence of C. diff within 8 weeks of taking CP101.

CP101 is a microbiome therapy. The microbiome is the community of organisms that live in the intestinal tract.

Study Overview


The study therapy is a one-time oral dose of pills/capsules (no bowel prep is needed).


Participate in this study at no charge and reimbursement for travel costs to and from the study site will be provided.


Participants will receive care and close monitoring from an experienced team of healthcare providers dedicated to fighting
 C. diff.


Who can participate?

  • Individuals 18 years of age or older*
  • Have recurrent (repeated) C. diff infection
  • Who are taking, or are about to start, a course of antibiotics to treat their most recent C. diff infection

*To enter study, other criteria will also apply

What can I expect if I enroll in the study?

Part A: Screening and Study Follow-Up

Part A lasts up to 24 weeks from the first dose and is for all participants who meet certain criteria to take part in the study.

Study treatment is either the investigational therapy CP101 or placebo. Your chance of receiving CP101 is two times higher than that of receiving placebo.

Part B: Optional

Part B is optional. Not everyone will be able to enter Part B of the study. You may be able to take part in Part B of the study if you develop diarrhea which tests positive for C. diff in the first 8 weeks after taking study drug in Part A.

Everyone in Part B receives the investigational therapy CP101 (there is no chance of receiving placebo in Part B).

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